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Hello. My name is Giorgi Mania, I am a journalist from Georgia and currently I’m working on a side project I’d like to call a day in the artists life, so the case of my project is to describe one casual day in a musician busy life, spend a day with them and portray what they are doing, whether the side activities they are occupied with or the main musical career that they are working on. I’ve been working on this project for 2 years and so far I tried to illustrate not only the Georgian musicians, but artists from foreign countries too, frankly saying I have a limited budget, so by now I could only interview artists that are near Georgia, mostly from the countries of former Soviet Union, for example Russia, Armenia and Bulgaria. In the future I hope to progress in my profession as a journalist and hopefully broaden the range of targeted countries in my side-project. I mainly focus on the artists that work in the Hip-hop industry, so for me countries like France, Germany and U.S.A. are the paramount point of the Hip-hop industry and I hope to visit those countries soon. Whether the artist is a member of the underground Hip-hop movement or the mainstream composer, it doesn’t really matter for me, because the whole Hip-hop industry is made out of this two sides and one can’t function without the other.

In the process of work I learn many details about the situation of Hip-hop movement in that particular country, so as I travel to one country and interview 2-3 of the artist working there, I get a clear picture of current countries musical ups and downs. For example the situation in Russia regarding Hip-hop is fairly good, artists are developing their careers and consequently more and more Run 3 people are getting interested in the industry. Not only the mainstream side of Russian hip-hop is evolving, but the underground movement is flourishing too. Apart from Russia, Armenian rappers are struggling with their careers, I interviewed several Armenian artists and every one of them noted that Hip-hop industry is facing some serious problems in their country.
For today’s project I decided to describe a day in the life of a famous Georgian artist Bera. Bera is known to be one of the most influential artists in the Georgian Hip-hop industry, even though Bera has been performing in Georgia for only 4 years, he already made a significant influence on the scene.

Quick Fact: Bera was born and raised in the capital of France, Paris,
from there, in his teen years Bera started his Hip-hop career and
after that he moved to New York to pursue his dreams, after some
time he decided to return to his home country and continue his
career there.

Beras day starts on 8 a.m. with a workout session, he believes in the ancient Greek saying that there is a healthy mind in a healthy body; he tries to complete every step of his day with the same dedication as he has towards his Thinking Out Loud music. After the workout he goes straight to his recording studio to work on his new album that is supposed to come out in few months. Apart from most rappers nowadays, that solely depend on bass and the treble to create their music , Bera uses various musical instruments to compose his music. Bera plays on multiple musical instruments, like: violin, guitar, drums and piano, he tries to create music with the help of this instruments, as he says, it gives music the feeling of liveliness, a good example of this, is his hit “Hip-hop Waltz” that is significantly different from the music produced by other artists in Georgia, that is why it was met with sensational reaction from the listeners, that eventually resulted in “Hip-hop Waltz” stealing the first place in Georgian music charts.

Bera loves spending time with kids, that’s why when I was in his studio, he brought his younger brother and his nephew and sat with them for 2 straight hours, playing with them and teaching them how to play drums. In Beras words he loves kids and apart from his close circle of relatives, he tries to help other kids, that are not provided with the childhood they deserve, that’s why when Bera was finished working in his studio, he went on a meeting with investors to negotiate about the building of a new shelter for the homeless children. Bera says that progress of the country or one particular pop music genre, both depends on the welfare of the people living in it, he says that the next big figure in Georgian Hip-hop industry might as well be one of the homeless kids that he is trying to help, so his point of view is that everyone must try to help the people in need, only like

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